My Horse is So Cute!

My horse is a Beach Boy, he’s a Beatle, he’s a Lovin’ Spoonful.

He’s The Doors singing endless loops of “Light My Fire!”

He’s a Corvette, he’s a Porsche, he’s a Ferrari.

My Horse’s long black mane flaps in the breeze –

The very ends flip up, leaving lacy shadows
on the ground beneath his neck.


My Horse is the perfect boyfriend.

He takes me out – we go out on dates all the time
– out into Nature. If only he’d pay the way . . .

He carries me across rain ruts, across streambeds,
over thresholds and through gateways of every kind.

He’s so polite, he opens every door for me.

He knows I like to go fast – and he likes to go FAST, too . . .


My horse is Disneyland, Magic Mountain,
Six Flags, Irwindale Raceway –

My horse is a hot rod, a dragster, a funny car,
a Shelby GT 350.

The Monorail, the Matterhorn, the Viper,
Space Mountain.


My Horse is so smooth, he’s buttery Chardonnay,
made in small batches in French Oak barrels.

He’s Pinot Noir, the really expensive stuff – Vintners Reserve.

My horse is fine Brandy, he’s Cointreau,

Irish Crème, Italian Limoncello.

Tiramisu, cheesecake, tart key lime pie.


My horse is my soul-mate  – through

Blood, sweat – and years – his lineage

Passed down through four generations . . .

My Dream Horse, My Little Pony,

My Pegasus, My Unicorn.
He satisfies all my horsey dreams!


My Horse is an Eagle, a Condor, a Falcon,

Soaring the hillsides and valleys with
precision and ease.

My Horse is an ocean with glimmering

Sunbeams, moonbeams – forever

Dancing and shimmering with light.


Starboy's mane

 Copyright 2013


July 13, 2013 · 2:35 pm

3 responses to “My Horse is So Cute!

  1. The picture of your horse’s mane reminds me of a half-Cob I rode this past May in Ireland. On the beach. In the rain. In 50-degree weather. So exhilarating! I have only begun riding in the last year or so, taking regular lessons, and I find it enjoyable and challenging, life-giving and emotionally exhausting all at once.

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