Aria, My Pegasus

“Aria’s not just a horse.  Aria’s my Pegasus!” DawnHoof

Aria flies and floats along the path,

With rhythmic movement,

Seeing – not as a horse sees,

Reacting – not as a horse reacts.

Aria Running

Aria Running

Aria possesses the freshness of Nature —

Riding trails she’s never seen before

With an elegant grace beyond

Her tender, ‘green’ years.

(She’s just turning 6 at the time of this writing — 11 now, in 2018)

Beyond a mere horse – as splendid as horses are,

Into the realm of Fantasy.

My Fantasy!


My Pegasus Horse sniffs

The wind and carries me to Magical Places.

Always willing, always forward,

Lifting both my earthly weight, and hers,

Freely.  Effortlessly.  Without hesitation.

Lifting my SOUL and heart and

Passion for Life, in the process!

Aria looking

Aria restores my faith in God,

In Life’s Bigger Picture – that all things certainly do

Work together for good – even her

Broken knee at 4-months of age

(the Vets wanted to euthanize)

Which by prayer and herbs,

Love and fate, healed and

Meshed to 100% perfection!

Beyond coincidence.  Beyond chance.

Filly Aria

Filly Aria, 2007

God knew His plans for her, for us

And the importance she plays in my

Four-generation horse genealogy.

Aria, the Granddaughter of my foundation mare, Fanta,

Niece of Starboy, Daughter of Faramir,

Daughter of Fae, Sister of Laddie,

Mother of Hokuleia, heir-apparent

Of all that is good from that now-famous line –

Arabian/Appaloosa/Shire/Thoroughbred/Running Quarter

– Bloodlines that look and flow like a Morgan,

Gaited, I swear, her running-trot

So smooth and fluid, my head never bobs,

Speeding so fast, the others

Must canter to keep pace.

Aria Shadow Rock

Aria Shadow Rock — Malibu

Aria, My Pegasus.

My 3rd-Generation Mare,

Each one improving those before,

Actualizing my Childhood Dreams,

Fulfilling my Horsey Whimsy.

Satisfying every ounce of my Soul!


Frilly Horse

Copyright 2013, 2018


July 24, 2013 · 12:38 am

6 responses to “Aria, My Pegasus

  1. Beautiful words, and brings up beautiful memories. The Pendleton Round-Up is coming mid September, and it brings me back to my country roots. While I do not consider myself a horseman by any means, there is not a better feeling than being in rhythm with a running horse. “So smooth and fluid, my head never bobs”

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  3. Lesley

    Wonderful pictures, beautiful words! This has lifted MY soul. 💞

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