Oh, my horses are PERFECTION! And I know how rare that is.

It’s my own sweet secret: My horses are PERFECT!

And I don’t say that lightly.

You see, I’ve had the opposite –

And so I know to value this.


You can hate me for it – really you can.

Or you can ask yourself, how did she ever get it???

What did she do to get the formula right?

I know that most horse people never seem to achieve it . . .

It’s taken me fortysomething years of horsing – but I’ve finally gotten it right!!!


A Perfect horse is one that gives Perfect performance. Perfect relationship. Perfect rides.

Oh, there will be those among you who think I’m harsh. Downright cruel. Because I really enjoy having obtained Perfection.

I enjoy loading my horses into my trailer – without hesitation, without fault.

Hauling a short drive up the road to breathtaking, high-altitude, single-track, wilderness-Nirvana.

Moonrise. Sunsets. Starbursts. I’ve ridden them all. Over, and over, again.


Riding Perfect trails – endless, forested Nature – five minutes from my Perfect horsey house . . .

Horses willing, always willing, and ready, and sound, and fantastic!

Cantering, trotting, flying down, up, ’round the dips and bends like the rocket ships at Disneyland’s Space Mountain.

And I’ve bred and raised them! All five – soon to be six – Fae fresh back from the breeders. And they are smart and wise and athletic.

And I smile and thank God for the wonder of it all!!!


Because my childhood was spent dreaming about this . . .

My adulthood spent creating it. All the decisions, all the crossroads in life, leading here.

Not by chance, but by trial and error – overcoming all the awful circumstances

And let-downs life brings, and rising, somehow, above those obstacles

Into the fullness of my current reality . . .


So I hope to hold a beacon for those souls now struggling: I struggled, too.

But continue on. Find your way. Through the forest of decisions.

And keep headed toward your horsey goals. Don’t ever stop!!!

And know that PERFECTION is possible!!! And it’s fantastic!

But you have to aim for Perfection to get there. And let go of whatever can’t work.


Aria Shadow Rock

Copyright 2013


October 19, 2013 · 2:12 am

7 responses to “Perfection!

  1. Perfect post 🙂

    Congratulations on your successes, and I think all of your 5+ ‘children’ are happy you are there for them!

    • Thanks! We start out in life wondering: Will I make it? Will it all work out? And then the s*** of life hits the proverbial fan, and we bumble and stumble and learn what we can. It’s amazing, really, to have reached the point where everything is working. Beyond my wildest dreams!!!

      Rode Fae (“ponied” filly Hokuleia along on a rope) last night up McGill Trail — and watched the Hunter’s Moon rise, pink and orange and bulging on the horizon. Just fantastic!

      Fall is in full foliage here. And I’m digging life! Hope you’re dong well!

  2. oldpoet56

    You gave a lot of good advice while making a good little story which was a good read, nice job.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love your poetic approach to your horsey life :o)

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