Wispy-Eyed Filly

My yearling filly, Hokuleia, my fourth generation foal, filled my dreams the other night. And I awoke with the impression of this:


Hokuleia biting my stirrup . . .

Hokuleia biting my stirrup . . .

Wispy-eyed filly,

bounding, leaping,

come from another

world  what can you

share with me

from your realm?

Beautiful Hokuleia

Your beauty. The

curved lines of your

lovely neck. An

innocent look,

filled with impish

explosions of

youthful joy . . .

Hokuleia Shadow Horse

Leaping, bounding from

your realm into mine.

A portal of hope.

A wild expression

of something

come here from

somewhere else.

Hokuleia Tin Shadow

I stand and pet

your outer limits —

your scruffy mane,

your fluffy coat,

your wispy face,

as if this is all

you are —

Hokuleia Ears and Eyes

Forgetting the regal

heritage of endless

generations past —

stallions and mares —

Bloodlines of

Princes and Kings.

General Patton.

Mare and Foal

And racehorses, and

plough horses. And

scrub Indian ponies,

with spotted coats.

Quarter horses.

Endurance horses.

Desert horses.

Family Shadows

Through your veins

flow the history of

our world, from

a different vantage.

From herds of freedom,

to beasts of burden,

to pawns of war.

Hokuleia Looking

With the intelligence

carried within your

bounding legs,

your flowing tail,

your swift instincts

which keep you

living, thriving.

leaves on haircoat

Along with the

ephemeral, the


you represent

from somewhere

humans can no

longer go

Shadow Horse Full Moon

Unless carried by

you and your kind,

deep into the

outer reaches

of ancestry and

shamanism and

magic spells.

Hokuleia in tow

Oh wispy-eyed filly,

bounding, leaping,

come from another

world — thank you

for sharing your

magic with me!

Ever unfolding!

Hokuleia Silhouette

Carrying me,

transporting me into

the realm of your

rich heritage

through hoofbeats

and heartbeats and

wispy, horsey love!


Wispy-Eyed Hokuleia


Copyright 2014



May 19, 2014 · 12:49 am

7 responses to “Wispy-Eyed Filly

  1. Hi, Dawn. She is beautiful. Your poem reaches towards and spans all the generations of horse history lovingly, honoring the heritage. I love it. Please let me know when you’re in my neck of the woods again.

  2. Such a beautiful poem and it is so fitting for its subject. It is amazing to have someone so dedicated to a life such as you & your horses, a beautiful sight to see these days. I feel it in areas of my life, and there is nothing better. My favorite line: “transporting me into the realm of your rich heritage” says it all in terms of gratitude. Cheers!

    • Dalo! I got so excited when I saw your gravatar, knowing that you’d written a comment. Because I love your words — you are so generous with your words! And at the very time you commented to me, I was out in the horse corral, breezy end-of day, with apron and tools, trimming Hokuleia and the herd’s hooves. Tending to that rich heritage, with the rich traditions handed down to me from those gone before.

      Thank you, Randall. :)) I invite you to ride with us when you return to the mainland, when you visit California. The heritage and herd awaits you! (As does our glorious 9,000′ elevation forest peak, Mt. Pinos.)

      • Wow, an invitation to ride, that would be wonderful. My family use to have horses back in Pendleton, and such beautiful animals (just being around them takes me back). There is a heritage with them that is rich in history, and it is people like you that keep it strong today. Cheers to a great coming weekend!

        • Yes, a rich heritage that all humankind has benefited from. That’s why we owe them their care, respect, love. Let me know whenever you may be in the Southland, so we can share an adventure of horse and mountain magic! :))

        • Sounds perfect, and hope to visit…would love to see the mountain magic in person!

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