Touchstone — Full-Gallop!!!

Aria Running

Aria Running

“I became a young girl again, flying full-speed through the woods — One with my horse –”                                         DawnHoof


When was the last time you ran — flat out — FullGallop!!! ?

Heart and hoofbeats teleporting you straight back to

Long-ago youth. Back to Days when horses and cowboys

Filled the dreams of everyday girls and boys . . .

Carousel Girl

I was all teenage again tonight, this ride on my AMAZING Aria,

Fleet and fit and flying across the forested earth . . .

Flushing birds of prey from their evening roosts, soaring above us,

Startled by our roiling, energetic blast.

Rainbow Horse

This full-out ride a Touchstone to the best and fittest times of my Life :))

Back to my childhood first-horse, Rebel, Galloping the endless

California chaparral. Alone. Lithe. Energized. Elated!

Back to Fanta (Aria’s Grand-dam). Bold. Big. Inexhaustible.

Grace, Beauty, Spirit, Freedom

What other mechanism can do this for me?

Safe in my saddle. Hooves pounding. Exuberant! Free!

Fluid on the back of my own swift-moving childhood fantasy —

The culmination of my Life-long dreams :))

Disneyland Rides!

Delivering the rush and speed of downhill skiing.

The thrill of bobsleds at Disneyland’s Matterhorn Mountain.

The rocket-propelled thrust of jet-fired engines . . .

Combined with the heart and love of the line of horses I bred —

Filly Aria

Filly Aria, 2007

Aria — the horse I raised, trained and nurtured. On hooves

That I learned to nail with high performance, precision horseshoes —

Preventing overreach — enhancing her natural movement :)) :))

My same saddle I flew with Fanta, Mentor — holding me again. Safe. Secure.

Kailua Ferrari

Flying now, across the forest — Touchstone to my younger Days.

Timeless. Free. Galloping my way across the Story Line of my Life :))

Energized. Alive! No matter what my age :)) :)) Tonight, running —

Flat out — Again! On my Amazing Arabian-cross mare.



Copyright 2018


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June 26, 2018 · 10:46 am

12 responses to “Touchstone — Full-Gallop!!!

  1. What a glorious ride! ‘ I’m right there with you. Much love.

  2. I love this! It’s been too long since I galloped flat out for sure!!! I thought of you this morning as I shadowed my equine vet here building hours to hopefully apply to vet school later in my galloping years. We were treating a horse lying flat out because his feet hurt so much. A life of bad showing and new claustrophobic pads and shoes.once removed he stood up and hobbled over to his hay. I thought of my hoof angel Dawn the whole way.

    Inge C Halliday


    • Awesome Inge!!! I thought of you on that inspiring swift ride — on Aria, ponying Laddie — up the Sneaky Trail, the same fast trail you and I went on with the Go Pro on your helmet. Simply fantastic!!!! Aria DIVINE :)) :)) Love you :)) :)) Elizabeth’s B-day is on Thursday!!! Snuffles and wither scratches to Remington :)) :)) :)) Dawn

  3. Hi Dawn,
    I am glad you get to feel free on the back of your horse again and again, and hope the sensation stays with you when your feet are back on the ground.
    I hope you are enjoying your summer.
    Best wishes,

    • Yes! Yes! Yes!!! I’m SO enjoying my summer and horses and beautiful Life :)) We have it so good! Love your pics and posts — you enjoy, too, and let me know when you get to Southern California. I’d love to take you on a ride :)) :)) Dawn

      • I am glad to hear it, Dawn. Did not know if you were affected by the California wildfires. One of these days I hope to make it back to the West Coast, and I will join you on a ride. 🐎

        • Great Tanja :)) So far we are safe from fires. Please check out my lovely harpist daughter, EllaHarp — she’s visiting now and doing performances around here for a few days. Very cool music!!! :)) Dawn

  4. Those days of horse and cowboys, how I miss them so! This post is just as good those memories ~ flying through the air, over ground and grass ~ a hero for the ages 🙂 You write like a poet, and it is in part because of the passion you have for your horses and your life ~ I love the line: “I became a young girl again, flying full-speed through the woods — One with my horse –” Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, Dawn.

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