Aria’s next Foal — Pockets of Emotion

News Flash:

Aria is pregnant with my next 4th generation foal!!! :)) :)) And she’s due to foal in about two weeks! WOW!!!!!!!!

(For more on Aria, see:  Aria, my Pegasus and Aria! Coming Together. . . )

I hauled her off to visit “Mr. Right” last fall. This stallion a smaller, quiet, Quarter Horse from the Coast. An ocean, surfer-type sorrel with a sun-bleached mane, who’s galloped the beaches near Santa Barbara for more than two decades.

This will be my 12th foal, and Aria’s number two :)) So very exciting!

I’m hoping for a colt. A next-generation Starboy (he’s now turning 29).

Starboy in Sunlight

Brave Move

It takes lots of bravery to breed. To take the chance to create a next generation.

Some breedings work out great. Others don’t.

But think about it — unless someone was brave enough to breed, your horse wouldn’t exist.

My horse(s) wouldn’t, either.

So I took the chance, and threw the genetic dice, once again.

Aria, Ella and Hokuleia

Aria, Ella, and filly Hokuleia, top of the world . . .

Flashback — Childhood Memories

Favorite foods.

Favorite pets.


TV shows.

The Jetsons

Are we having fun yet?



Camp outs.

Days at the beach.

Dreams of what my future Life would contain (horses!!!)

Hawaii Horse -- Parick Ching

These memories awaken precious Emotional Pockets that remain fresh and accessible, years, even decades later.

Sky Rocket

When I was in elementary school, my classmate, Susan Ball, had a medium-sized, red-colored pony named Sky Rocket.

I remember climbing on double, behind Susan, bareback onto Sky Rocket, one fresh Malibu Spring day. Maybe fourth grade.

Smells of mustard flowers, black sage, salt and sea, fill my sense-memories.

Malibu Spring

Zippy little Sky Rocket knew exactly how to get us off :))

After a few steps, he dipped, scooted, and turned out from under us. We emerged, dusty, giggling, but otherwise unharmed.

Ready to ride again.

View of Little Dume Beach

This snippet is one of my treasured Pockets of Emotion from my decades-distant Malibu childhood.

Especially, because it included a HORSE!!!!! The object of my Life-long desires.

Little Dawn with Horses

Little Dawn with Breyer Horses — Grandfather photo

So I landed, emotionally, on Sky Rocket as a potential name.

After all, this being the 50 year anniversary of our USA Moon Landing — and Starboy’s next generation — it only seems fitting.

Nearly Full Moon

Since she’s due to foal soon, I’m busy putting up extra fencing.

Dusting off my dog-eared copy of Blessed Are the Broodmares.



Lots of good hay.

Lots of good vibes.

Filly Aria

Filly Aria, 2007

Hoping, praying for the best!


Aria Running

Aria, Running (age 3)


Molokai ~ Leimana blowing conch shell


Please visit my Life Blog, Journal of Dawn,

for Strategies and Insights into the

Journey of Life


Copyright 2019

Photo Credits: Jetsons, Hanna Barbera; photo of Dawn, Aria and Fae, C. Briscoe; all others, Dawn Jenkins (DawnHoof)








August 17, 2019 · 11:13 pm

10 responses to “Aria’s next Foal — Pockets of Emotion


    Wonderful! Our memories are the building blocks of who we become. Love the one of you as a child with your horses! I have pics of me at 5, in my wading pool. Ocean girl, even in the blistery heat of the San Fernando Valley in the 50’s. Ha!! Love you! Hope to see Sky Rocket soon! We’re going to visit our friends in Saratoga (redwoods!) the last week in August. Want to see your new baby!

    Hugs to you and Rick! M— >

  2. It’s exciting to welcome a new foal. Blessings to Aria for an easy delivery.

  3. Riki

    Oh Dawn!!!

    So much in your words… you’re such a good writer ….and they ALWAYS make me weepy/ remembering how you lost your Papa and the difficult time of rebuilding the magic of life…

    I’m working on music this August – September…. taking s break in October for John to visit…then back to it in November.

    You always inspire! Love You!!! Riki

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Awesome Riki — so great to hear from you :)) And thank you for the encouraging words. We share sections of our lives no one else can. Malibu. Uni. SB. Go for your music, and let me know when you’ll be near the Grapevine entrance to Southern Cal. Stop by, please :)) Dawn

  4. Exciting! I look forward to seeing news of the little foal’s arrival.

  5. Can’t wait to hear about this blessed arrival! What a beautiful gift you are giving to the world. Thank you!

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