Starboy’s Dream

Cosmic Rays

Under twinkling stars above,
Starboy longs for his true love.
Longs to heed the sparkling light’s
Call to flee, in pilgrim’s flight

Loop-the-loops in heart’s love song,
Seeking freedom ‘til the dawn.
Away from limits, borders, bounds
Free – outside where love resounds.

When his Stargirl opens the gate,
Worlds of wonder heavenly wait.
Soaring past the Dipper’s spout,

Starboy travels inside, out . . .

Out of space. Out of time.
Into realms of love sublime.
With his Stargirl, soaring high,
Watching comets fizzle by.

Malibu Ferrari

Starboy surfs on cosmic rays.
Leaps, dances, through the maze
Of life and light, love and peace
Past dark shadows love increased.

Til dawn awakens, Starboy soars,
Cosmic-tidal-ocean roars
Fill his heart with love and light,
Happy hoofbeats soaring, bright

Travel on, pilgrims strong,
Until the velvet light of dawn
Calls you back to Earth’s embrace,
Filled with wonder, love and grace.

From the Cosmic realms of joy,
Back to Earth for dear Starboy.
Back to dream another night
When he and Stargirl take to flight

Into the darkness seeking the light
Fleeing free, in pilgrim’s flight.


Starboy’s Dream:  Copyright 2021

Photos:  DawnHoof (Dawn Jenkins)

Video:  A Space Journey  (images from Hubble Space Telescope)



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Fae by Lacey's spooking rock

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March 23, 2021 · 9:32 pm

4 responses to “Starboy’s Dream

  1. Lovely tribute. Sending you a lot of love.

  2. Jennifer Herrington

    Oh Dawn, I’m sorry to hear of your Starboy. What a beautiful tribute to him.
    Love you, Jen

    • Thank you Jennifer — Starboy lives on, as they all do. I bred Fae (his half-sister, now 19, my big Shire-cross mare) to a Fox Trotter stud I’d worked on with hooves. She’s due 9/21/21 :)) So God-willing, Starboy’s genetics shall live on for yet another generation. Hope you are well and your horses are shedding and getting ready for a new season of rides. Best! Dawn

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