I, SpiritHorse, inhabit the body and
Soul of your grandest Earthly companions . . .
Sent here from realms of the Great Divine,
Offering Earth my lofty point of view.

Oh Earth — my contact with you refuels me. 
Your electric charge sparks my Quantum Quarks
In fickle entanglement, springing forth in leaps of Light . . .

Electric charge
Protons and electrons create electric fields. (Image credit: Igor Zh. Shutterstock)

With you — my Horse and I, run free
Breaking away from gravitational bonds
Into weightless realms of Light and Love . . .

Where hoofbeats drum into dreamlike splendor;
Where Life takes flight into magical wonderlands.
Flowing. Leaping. Dancing. Free!


You, my Human — I see you. Feel you.
My Horse and I carry you on our back. In our Soul.
You, who birthed me. Tamed me. Fed me.
You, who love me. Sing to me. Watch over me.

Come to my gate, and free me. Let your
Quantum Quarks intertwine with mine . . .
Breathe me. Snuffle my nose, my neck.
Feel the Divine which fills my Horse, which fills you.

No one on Earth sees you the way I do, my Human.
No one on Earth carries you, lifts your
Earthly weight and frees your gravitational bonds,
The way our chemistry, our knowingness,
Our entanglement can . . .

Hop on! Launch into that heavenly gift which enables us to merge as one,
Head out the gate, and explore. Walk. Trot. Gallop!
(Nature abounds.)

Warming up, bodies/spirits meld —
I love to gallop as much as you love to ride!
Together, we make the trail before us come alive.


I am here, every day. Where are you, my human?
My Horse grows, changes, every day.
Yet, so often you don’t come our way.
My Horse longs for you . . . for our time together,
Outside the limits. Outside the corral.

My Horse’s biological clock ticks. Tocks.
For only so many days . . . so many years.
Where are you, my human? When can we
Create the Quantum Magic we came here to share?

Unless you come to my gate, open my latch,
Call me out, free my Soul — my captivity sours :((
Food. Water. Not enough. I crave more.

I long for deep connection of our Souls;
Invigorating interaction with you, with the Earth
Hoofbeats flowing like a current, unbroken,
From the Cosmic Power Source we all share . . .

From you, to me, to my Horse and her
Passion to hit the trails, experience freedom,
And explore . . . all that we are. All that we can be . . .
All that we came here to learn. To become. To embrace.


My Horse and I wait here, Saintly. Patient. Ready.
We, your partner. We, your servant. We, your mate.
Where are you, my human? When can we
Leave the gate? When can our electricity flow?


This one brings tears! Our SpiritHorse awaits us. It’s a form of Holy Trinity — Spirit, and Horse, and Earth, inter-playing in electric entanglement — and we, as humans, factor in. We hold the key to the gate. The freedom.

This poetic lyric came through in January, 2021, when Winter’s frost and snow prevented me from getting my horses out to ride. Let’s make plans and follow through. Let’s free our SpiritHorse from captivity this riding season — get out onto the trails, and R*I*D*E :))  DawnHoof 


SpiritHorse: © 2021 Dawn Jenkins
Photos:  DawnHoof (Dawn Jenkins)
, Igor Zh. Shutterstock


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for Strategies and Insights into the
Journey of Life


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April 18, 2021 · 11:53 am

10 responses to “SpiritHorse

  1. Love all these pictures! Lots of love to you.

    • Hurray! Great to hear from you, Patricia. I had lots of fun with this poetic gift that drifted in from the Other Realm in the dark of winter. I’m working my horses up into riding condition now, and planning our first outing next week. Stay well! Love to you :)) Dawn

  2. Dear Dawn,
    Your poem is a lovely expression of the soul of a horse and of the amazing bonds that can form between humans and animals.
    Ride on,

    • Thank you, Tanja :)) We are having a lovely Spring here in our mountains — cottonwood leaves began unfurling green pointed leaflets on Friday; I saw a juvenile Condor soaring overhead on the back way home, as well on Friday — late-day sunlight kissing his/her wingtip feathers with silver. Magnificent!!! (near Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, https://www.fws.gov/refuge/bitter_creek/ ). Yesterday I hopped on Aria and we soared through our woods — Aria, her SpiritHorse, the Earth and I, all interacting. So much magic abounds! It’s up to us to get out and find it (as I know that you do!) Best to you. Enjoy the Nature in your world. I’ll take a special gallop for you the next time I’m out :)) :)) :)) Dawn

      • I will enjoy that special gallop, Dawn, thank you in advance. 🙂
        I’m so glad you are enjoying your spring with all its arrivals, including a condor. While I might be able to expect cottonwood leaves soon, a condor would be a sensatiion here! Our spring has been a little stop-and-go with warm and wintry stretches alternating, but that is to be expected. 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground this morning, but we are grateful for the moisture.
        I hope you will continue to enjoy nature’s wonders.
        All the best,

  3. Such a beautiful tribute ~ both words and photos bring the warmth of what the world can offer. I hope you are doing well, enjoying your four-legged friends and taking in all autumn can offer. Take care, Dawn, and so good of you to share the feel and spirit of these wonderful animals to us.

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