Good 'ol Chap

Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier


Who is Dawn?

Farrier (Horseshoer), Horsewoman, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Writer.

Before Dawn was 20 she: set out alone for 10 days on her horse, Rebel, into the wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest (outside Santa Barbara); worked as horse wrangler/trail guide for the UCSB Recreation Department; moved to Enumclaw Washington – built  an 18′ Sioux Indian Tipi – lived in her tipi in a cow pasture; and worked on a Dairy Farm — in the milking parlor, milking cows — taking care of “the Girls” (all 120 of them!).

In her 20’s Dawn: jumped out of a perfectly good airplane; got her Private Pilot license; started her own fashion business; flew 300 flight hours throughout Southern California; worked as freelance entrepreneur and business consultant in Silicon Valley; and bought her yearling Appaloosa/Running Quarter/Thoroughbred/Arab mare, Fanta, the foundation of her four generations of endurance and carriage horses.

Now she: rides and loves her four (Fanta-descendant) horses; trims and shoes horses in Southern California; and has completed 14 years of flying to Hawaii every 6 weeks to trim and shoe horses in Paradise! Yahoo!

~~___(\ ~~___(\ ~~___(\
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HoofCare Services

        To reach Dawn, call:  (661) 703-6283


Life is a Journey


What is a Soul Horse Ride?

Magical Molokai Mount

Take a Ride Inside…

A Soul Horse Ride is not just a ride on a horse. We utilize Horses and Nature and Wildland Trails to open a window into the realm of the Divine. It’s a healing place. An inspirational space.

The Soul Horse Ride experience is crafted to allow you to break out of your preconceived confines and reach for higher insights, higher goals. It works as a catalyst to jumpstart your creative process – to re-awaken your relationship with Life – to activate and liberate your soul!

Ride along with me and my four generations of home-bred, home-raised horses.

Fae, Rick, Pinos

Join me for either an Actual Ride – or enjoy a Virtual Ride, from the comfort of your computer.

Your journey awaits you – Pony Up!



Hula Sisters &amp; Cousins

Hula Sisters & Cousins — family archives

Please come over to Dawn’s Life blog — Journal of Dawn — for Strategies and Insights into the Journey of Life from the vantage point of a Lady Farrier.

Cloud Ball Bogenvillia


Copyright 2013, 2018

Photo of Dawn and Aria credit: B. Moulin; Vintage photo: Courtesy of Cousin Andy

18 responses to “About

  1. I like Dawn’s resume and a girl that milk’s cows, wow. Reminds me of my Uncle’s dairy farm when I was growing up. My mother had a milk cow, but I never learned how to milk one. I image having five horses to care for is a job along with your trim and shoeing horses, in Cali and Hawaii.

    • Where was your Uncle’s dairy farm? There’s something so fantastic about seeing where milk and meat actually come from . . . Too bad you weren’t able to get your hands on an udder. It’s a lovely connection with an intelligent being. Strange world we live in, eh?

      The horses are not stabled, but turned out, ready to roll when I return to them. I often wonder what they must think about my absences — but they never, ever complain. Lots to be learned from our four-legged friends and family. 🙂

  2. Pingback: Horse-in-the-Pasture, Updated « Mary Gilmartin

  3. My Uncle’s dairy farm was in the mountains of Western North Carolina and I remember he sold his fresh milk to the Coble Milk Company. You’re correct about there is a lot to be learned from four-legged friends. Have a great weekend. It’s back to work now.

    • One of my favorite memories from milking cows was picking blackberries and eating them with fresh cream! YUM! Nothing like that COLD milk fresh out of the tank.

  4. What a fabulous life – you sound like a remarkable woman, and I’m enjoying discovering your blogs 😀 great how horses bring us all together across the oceans and skies!

  5. Great meeting you on Mt. Pinos this evening with my partner John. Loved your energy AND your amazing horses! Enjoyed reading your blog about Aria. Love to do a ride with you sometime. How would I arrange that?

    • Margery, how exciting that you followed up with the blog and the horses :)) We loved meeting you, and talked about your beautiful crystal-graced walking stick.

      Give me a call and we’ll set something up. Experiencing Pinos from horseback will shift your perspective — and renew your horsey childhood hopes and dreams :)) Dawn

  6. Sounds delightful, Dawn!! Next time I’m in Pasadena, I’ll have to see if we can make it out your way to say hello and talk horses.


  7. NorCal Zen

    ..and your horse’s name was Rebel! I named the first mustang I gentled Rebel 🙂 I love your spirits and thoughts!

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