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Music and horses and art, so intertwined, so deeply embedded into the human genome as to be mutually reflected — a mirror image of sorts. Allowing the horse to mobilize the window to our greater self, to our soul.

When You Wish Upon a Horse

I dedicate this piece to Kathy — she told me today, she’s saving to buy her first horse. :)) Kathy, your horse awaits you. Dream on!


When You Wish Upon a Horse

She who awaits the perfect horse,

Knows it’s a matter of time, of course —

All life begins with desire,

Working strange Magic to set Souls on fire.


Your horse exists now, as surely you do —

It’s just a matter of time before your Dream will come true.

Hold onto your passion, look up to the stars,

Dream your horse Dreams, it’s really not far.


Horses have powers much bigger than you,

They knock on the heartstrings of only a few.


It’s hard to conceive, but believe me in this —

The horse will be yours when your Spirit persists

In holding your Dream with all that you’ve got,

When your love for horses is a true love so hot


That nothing will chill it — not let-downs or doubt —

Your horse is good as yours, and will truly come about.

So talk to your horse — as he already exists

There is a strange, wonderful power in this.


Pray and let Heaven take over the task —

It may take some time — but you’ll find her at last.


Then comes the real task, the learning to speak

The language of horses, the strong verses meek.

Read all that you can to prepare for the day

When you add to your budget the expense of the hay.


Learn all about horses while you now have the time.

And rejoice in the friendship you surely will find.

For Life has its challenges, the good and the bad,

Yet your horse will help you through sweet times and sad.


As Creatures of Magic — truly you’ll see —

Your horse will help mold you into what you will be!



Horse Shoes (Moloka'i)


Copyright 2001, 2014





April 30, 2014 · 10:59 pm

What is a Ride?

Heavenly Synchronicity — found this sweet poetic duo in my Journal, dated exactly twelve years ago today! It captures the feel of my wonderful horses, my wonderful rides. Sharing it with you here, winter time, when riding seems far away . . .


What is a Ride?




Thundering Hooves



Spirits soar




Metronomed Motion


Comes alive

Craving more




Bounding o’er fallen logs

Swift-flying —


Branches in our path —




Surging Slalom,


Life’s doldrums

Into absolute blast!




Discreetly perceived,



Melding ease




Powerful, Pure



Mutual rapport


Surging Light


I hop into my saddle

And sail off into the forest

On my Rocking Horse Canter,

Feeling my body roll


In harmony with the

Hypnotic motion of my

Pony’s impassioned gallop,

Energized! Alive!


Glassy, Glossy, Silken, Grand,

I flow in his movement and

Meld onto his back like a custom-made

Glove on a hand —


A perfect fit with perfect Tempo

Gaining momentum as we pulse

Over crests and troughs

In our fickle path.


Waves and Currents steer our course

Whim and Fancy spur us on

Our forward-flowing liquid journey

We continue thundering strong.


Smells of fragrant vanilla pine bark

Meet my senses, tearing eyes.

Dodging branches, ducking, dipping

Labyrinth obstacles, all in stride.


In these woods the Spirit overflows,

Transforms my steed

Into a magical fantasy of

Power-driven speed . . .


Here are found my favorite day-dreams,

Releasing me from traffic, work or strife

This my treasured time of solace

With my Pony, surging light.


Life is a Journey


Copyright 2002, 2014


February 25, 2014 · 12:53 am

Horseman’s Prayer of Praise

As I reflect on my lifelong love – and commitment – to horses, I remember wondering at times: Will I be able to care for them? Feed them? Keep them?

Thus far I’ve raised four generations, and at times it’s been absolutely challenging. The economy. The weather. Moves. Marriage. Children. Divorce. Work. Health.

I wrote this poem with heart-felt angst after the economy dropped – going into winter’s snow and cold – December 2008. At that time I truly didn’t know how things would work out.

Thus its special meaning to me, because, indeed, God came through. : ~ )

Times got tough. We tightened our belts. Our family had to work long and hard. Yet our horses continued to be well-fed and cared for. And I consider that one of the Major Miracles of my life!

I believe God hears our cries – and also our praises. I believe we’re tasked with the job of praise! So Horsemen, keep the faith going into winter this year . . .

Lord God, hear our Horsemen’s Prayer:

Horseman’s Prayer of Praise

Bless my horse, Lord God above,

Bless his gentle soul.

Keep him fat, keep him sleek

Keep him warm from cold.


Help me, God, my horse to keep

In good times and in bad.

Fodder in his feeder deep

And what ‘ere he needs to have.


I praise You for creating him

For entrusting him to my care.

For when life presses hard on me

My horse is always there.

His ears prick forth when I arrive,

Nostrils nicker hello

Happy hooves trod my way

And follow where ere I go.


Willingly he bears my weight,

Without complaint he soars

Where ‘ere I wish, he doth me take

As one who doth adore.


For You have made him strong and fast,

Faithful, swift and true.

Bless his soul where ‘ere he goes

For he’s my constant blessing from You.


And when he’s gone into the earth

Receive his gentle soul

For he’s lived his life with love and grace –

And fulfilled his earthly goal.




Copyright 2008, 2013


December 27, 2013 · 10:09 pm

My Body is a Workhorse

My body awaits the day

Like a workhorse.

Like a racehorse.

It knows that soon

It shall be put to task.


How has society changed enough for a woman to seek out and learn to shoe horses?

What has happened to the “weaker sex”?

When I first began trimming my own barefoot horses’ hooves, twentysomething years ago – in my 30’s – it challenged me.

And I arose to the task.

It took two years of fumbling – with the tools, the skills, the posturing – to become even somewhat comfortable.

Hawaiian Hoof Trim

Six years later, when I got Max (with his old heel injury – requiring shoes) and hauled him to Chatsworth for my farrier-uncle to fix, I sized up the situation: I had to learn.

Not just to trim.

But to shoe.

For Max – in order for Max to stay sound.

That meant learning how to: Nail, shape, clinch, pull – an extremely challenging, physical skill set! Done all the while, bending over-down-up-down . . .  Underneath, and HOLDING UP the horse!

(In the beginning it hurt so bad, I couldn’t walk for three days.)

I remember thinking: “I wish it were a year from now!”

For I knew that I’d be much better at all this after a year.

Santi Hoof

Now, nearly two decades later, I am indeed much better.

I still maintain my own horses’ hooves.

I’ve also established a hoofcare and farrier practice, trimming and shoeing and keeping many other horses sound.

But, I’m older now.

And age has a way of eating away at you. As it should, slowing you down a little bit.

Good 'ol Chap


. . . The working parts on the car wear out first: Belts, bearings, transmission, alternator.

In humans: Shoulders, knees, neck, wrist, thumbs. (Feet, too!)

And her perspective at fiftysomething is far different from her thirtysomething past.

She works slower, happier. Eats better, rests more. She works smarter.

(Lighter, brighter, less pain now, Gluten-Free : ~ )

The years tick on – and still she does the work.

The commitments loom greater with age.

And the gargantuan effort she throws into the task

Appears easy to those who look on . . .



My body is a workhorse.

And I work with horses.

And the horses are the

Leisurely in this generation,

And we humans are the

Workhorses now.


Dawn and Fable

Copyright 2013

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August 31, 2013 · 8:12 pm

Aria, My Pegasus

“Aria’s not just a horse.  Aria’s my Pegasus!” DawnHoof

Aria flies and floats along the path,

With rhythmic movement,

Seeing – not as a horse sees,

Reacting – not as a horse reacts.

Aria Running

Aria Running

Aria possesses the freshness of Nature —

Riding trails she’s never seen before

With an elegant grace beyond

Her tender, ‘green’ years.

(She’s just turning 6 at the time of this writing — 11 now, in 2018)

Beyond a mere horse – as splendid as horses are,

Into the realm of Fantasy.

My Fantasy!


My Pegasus Horse sniffs

The wind and carries me to Magical Places.

Always willing, always forward,

Lifting both my earthly weight, and hers,

Freely.  Effortlessly.  Without hesitation.

Lifting my SOUL and heart and

Passion for Life, in the process!

Aria looking

Aria restores my faith in God,

In Life’s Bigger Picture – that all things certainly do

Work together for good – even her

Broken knee at 4-months of age

(the Vets wanted to euthanize)

Which by prayer and herbs,

Love and fate, healed and

Meshed to 100% perfection!

Beyond coincidence.  Beyond chance.

Filly Aria

Filly Aria, 2007

God knew His plans for her, for us

And the importance she plays in my

Four-generation horse genealogy.

Aria, the Granddaughter of my foundation mare, Fanta,

Niece of Starboy, Daughter of Faramir,

Daughter of Fae, Sister of Laddie,

Mother of Hokuleia, heir-apparent

Of all that is good from that now-famous line –

Arabian/Appaloosa/Shire/Thoroughbred/Running Quarter

– Bloodlines that look and flow like a Morgan,

Gaited, I swear, her running-trot

So smooth and fluid, my head never bobs,

Speeding so fast, the others

Must canter to keep pace.

Aria Shadow Rock

Aria Shadow Rock — Malibu

Aria, My Pegasus.

My 3rd-Generation Mare,

Each one improving those before,

Actualizing my Childhood Dreams,

Fulfilling my Horsey Whimsy.

Satisfying every ounce of my Soul!


Frilly Horse

Copyright 2013, 2018


July 24, 2013 · 12:38 am

My Horse is So Cute!

My horse is a Beach Boy, he’s a Beatle, he’s a Lovin’ Spoonful.

He’s The Doors singing endless loops of “Light My Fire!”

He’s a Corvette, he’s a Porsche, he’s a Ferrari.

My Horse’s long black mane flaps in the breeze –

The very ends flip up, leaving lacy shadows
on the ground beneath his neck.


My Horse is the perfect boyfriend.

He takes me out – we go out on dates all the time
– out into Nature. If only he’d pay the way . . .

He carries me across rain ruts, across streambeds,
over thresholds and through gateways of every kind.

He’s so polite, he opens every door for me.

He knows I like to go fast – and he likes to go FAST, too . . .


My horse is Disneyland, Magic Mountain,
Six Flags, Irwindale Raceway –

My horse is a hot rod, a dragster, a funny car,
a Shelby GT 350.

The Monorail, the Matterhorn, the Viper,
Space Mountain.


My Horse is so smooth, he’s buttery Chardonnay,
made in small batches in French Oak barrels.

He’s Pinot Noir, the really expensive stuff – Vintners Reserve.

My horse is fine Brandy, he’s Cointreau,

Irish Crème, Italian Limoncello.

Tiramisu, cheesecake, tart key lime pie.


My horse is my soul-mate  – through

Blood, sweat – and years – his lineage

Passed down through four generations . . .

My Dream Horse, My Little Pony,

My Pegasus, My Unicorn.
He satisfies all my horsey dreams!


My Horse is an Eagle, a Condor, a Falcon,

Soaring the hillsides and valleys with
precision and ease.

My Horse is an ocean with glimmering

Sunbeams, moonbeams – forever

Dancing and shimmering with light.


Starboy's mane

 Copyright 2013


July 13, 2013 · 2:35 pm

My Horse is a River

My horse is a river. I prepare once again to bathe in his tidepool and wade in his will.

I submerge in his cool waters to refresh my soul — and drink, deep and long — as often as I may.

Taking a breath, I close my eyes and dive into his saddle.

Where will we go? His current will take me. How long will we ride? As long as we may!

My horse is a swiftly flowing river, with ever-changing moods. He waxes overflowing, exuberant with life.

With endless gallops and carefree abandon, he satisfies my childhood dreams.


My horse carries me to distant shores. I merge into his watery depths, surrendering my heart.

His movement sweeps me away from time and space, washes my spirit and cleanses my senses.

I immerse my body in the rapids of his powerful currents. His hidden eddies capture the secret of my soul.


Sun sparkles off my horse’s silken coat like a thousand moonbeams. Dazzling. Hypnotic.

My horse’s sweat smells sweet as he surges ‘round the next bend, ever seeking the new, the fresh, the surreal.

Nostrils flared, ears pricked forward, my horse is freedom in motion.

His hooves beat to the sound of water rushing, tumbling toward distant mountains and verdant pastures.

His mane flows like water surging over rocks in its course as I ride his swell and surf his waves.

Laughing, exuberant, we gallop headlong into the sublime.


As long as there is a sun and a sky, my horse will transport me to new reaches of discovery as his floodgates open and pour me into the watery depths of his soul.



Copyright 2013


May 8, 2013 · 1:58 pm