HoofCare Services

I've been there -- and I can help!

Frustrated with your farrier???

I’ve been there — and I can help!

Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier/Natural HoofCare

Hoof Coach; Farrier Consultant; Hands-on Trimming Instruction

– Since 1990 –

Side Saddle Rider

Optimal HoofCare Fusion

Healthy, Functional Barefoot and/or Well-Shod Hooves, as needed

Student of Gene Ovnicek, Pete Ramey, Epona (Plastic Composite Horseshoes)…
and my Uncle, Ink Knudson — Farrier with more than 60 years
Hoofcare Experience (Malibu/LA area)

~~___(\ ~~___(\ ~~___(\
…/< >\ …/< >\ …/< >\

Lameness Solutions  Wild-Hoof Barefoot Trims  Sensible Shoes

Call Dawn: (661) 703-6283

Serving Southern California and previously, Hawaii (Oahu and Molokai)
Since I still travel frequently, kindly call rather than email . . .


Hoof Coach Hoof Trimming/Farrier Instruction  

Hawaii Hoof      

You can have me out to trim ~ or Learn to Trim Your Own ~ DawnHoof

One-on-One, Hands-on Learning

Unlock your own power  Learn to trim your horse(s) and keep them sound!
Dawn has taught dozens of Horsemen to fulfill their Hoofcare Goals
Trim their own hooves, start a trimming career, or learn to shoe.
One-on-one instruction, just the way she learned…

Hoof Training Session

Thumbelina hoof

Hoofcare student with Belgian Draft hoof
 Note traditional Hawaiian farrier wardrobe!


DawnHoof ~~ Hawaiian HoofCare

Sunset Rainbow DawnHoof

A rare “Sunset Rainbow” (near Sunset Beach, Haleiwa 🙂 )

Hawaiian Hoof Trim

Dawn Trim

DawnHoof working outdoors…


And for the times when barefoot hasn’t addressed (or resolved) the issues . . .

 Therapeutic Shoeing —
“Outside the Box” Solutions

Sheared Heels

Sheared heels — Lateral wall deficiency

Lateral Lift with Shoe

Lateral support/Sole support/Lateral extension

Therapeutic Shoeing

Narural Balance hind pattern shoe — EDSS Perforated pad
Dental Impression support material — Creative nailing!

DawnHoof - Therapeutic Shoes

“Hooves are the Wings on which Horses Fly!”
Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier


“It’s Art!” (HoofCare) 

My Farrier Uncle, Ink Knudson


Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier/Natural HoofCare

(661) 703-6283

rainbow hoof, Hawaii


Copyright 2013, 2018

Additional Hawaii photo credit: S. Curry

California photo credit: T. Turner

9 responses to “HoofCare Services

  1. Hopefully you remember me! The lady that charged you at LAX at I Love LA . I was looking at you blog,great just like you said. Thanks for giving me your business card to look into your blog! Have a great day ❤️

    • Martha — thank you for reading, and for commenting! I just returned home from my Hawaii trip, and I went on my first ride this evening. Just fantastic! A quick trot through the woods riding one horse, leading along another, enjoying the pounding hoofbeats and lengthening shadows. Perfect! Nice to meet you! Aloha ~ Dawn

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  5. Kady carson

    Hello! What areas of southern california do you service?

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