Cosmic Canter . . .

Last night I saddled up Aria, and rode off, end of day. Powerful. Smooth. Gracious. Strong! I left this world, and entered the other (Cosmic) one :))

And I awoke with images of this . . .

Carousel Girl

Cosmic girl on Cosmic mare,

Cantering, fast, without a care.

Cosmic Planet, twilight sky.

Canter, fast, before you die.

Carousel Horses

Round the globe you’ll hear her call:

“Maidens join me, one and all!”

Saddle your geldings, stallions, mares,

Canter fast, but beware!

Carousel Horses

Cosmic planet, time is fleet —

Now is not the time to sleep . . .

Cosmic planet, endless sky,

Canter fast, the time is nigh!

Disneyland After Dark

. . . Time to get on with whatever we’ve been put here to do . . . Saddle up! Make the most of our Lives here on sweet Planet Earth. Canter on!

And I realized the birthplace of my amazing Life with my awesome horses began on that Magical Carousel horse, so many years ago!

(Flashbacks to my Disneyland Childhood — And the Carousel Fantasy horses I rode there. My Dad’s music, Dawn’s Disneyland story: You Can Do ANYTHING!, and It’s OK to Scream! ) 

Disneyland Rides!


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August 9, 2017 · 1:49 pm

11 responses to “Cosmic Canter . . .

  1. I remember those enchanted rides on carousel horses. It was a child’s flight into the cosmos. I still like to ride them. It was a blessing talking to you today,Dawn. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your call. We shall open our hearts and arms as wide as the world to embrace all nature in every form! Much love.

  2. Teresa

    Magical Dawn 🌈🐎❤️

  3. Fantastic imagery with this post and thought of yours Dawn ~ a brilliant piece of work. Wonderful!

    • Thank you, Randall — this means a lot coming from you, my Cosmic Beacon Brother in philosophy, in Life :)) Your encouraging words ring bells of blessings within my soul! :))

  4. We use to take our girls on carousels when we found them. Always a good time.


  5. Forgive the mix up — copied this lovely message from Bev that didn’t make it to this page: Dawn

    From: Bev – The Mystic Horse Chronicle (

    September 1, 2017 at 2:16 am

    Love your mystical flair! A rare and free spirited blog in the horse world! Keep it up. I’m especially fond of the shadow photos on your site…in particular the one on the tree. I’ll be back. Beverly

    Dawn replied:
    :)) :)) :)) Thank you for “getting it”!!!!

  6. That’s the kind of dream nobody minds, Dawn. 🙂

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