Horse & Human ~ Ultimate Unity

Quiet Quintessence

It’s a Quiet Experience, riding a horse.

A Secret Language only You and Your Horse understand.

An Individual Relationship: Family. Friend. Lover.

Looking on, what would be seen?

Not two — but One — in

Thought. Movement. Energy.

Separate Rider from Horse, and neither would be here, doing this!

Aria Shadow, Pinos

Holy Harmony

 Rider: sets the Intention. The Direction. The Pace.

Horse: gives the Momentum — the Movement.

1,000 pounds of flesh springing out Lighter than Air.

God-given Unity of Inter-Species Connectedness few have truly Experienced.

Aria Running

Cosmic Cooperation

Outside of Time. Outside of Space.

Quantum Entanglement of Bodies. Souls. Thoughts. Intentions.

Leaps. Bounds.

The Ultimate Unity.

And available to us Humans — right here on Planet Earth.

Ehukai and Patrick Ching

Mystical Magic



Becoming one with.

Tabitha standing on Midnight

Entangled with.

Transformed by.

~ Soul Saint ~

Naje with Leaf Shadows

Heavenly Horse:

Living. Breathing.

Exotic. Mysterious.

Cosmic. Complex.

Instinctive. Wild-Born.


Good Horse ~ Willing Partner:

Not just tamed, but Educated.

Not just trained, but Enlightened.

Cooperative. Submissive.

Carrying, Protecting, both your Body and your Soul.

Laddie Looking

Universally Unique . . .

Two Bodies United as One. In:


Art. Synergy.



Co-Creation. Co-Operation.

Ghost Horse

Overcoming the Instinct to:

Run. Bolt. Spook.

Rear. Buck. Jig.

Sprint off in a Panic.

Frightened. Headstrong.

Blind . . .

Gray Horse


Trusting. Listening.

Dancing. Grooving.

With the little Girl, the little Boy,

Who still sees World in Wonder —

Who want to leave the day-to-day material doldrums.

Jump on Pegasus’s back,

And FLY!

Vantage Point

Flee ~ to Fairyland

Run away to Worlds with Magical Dragons —

Where Lions talk, and

 Little People inhabit holes in Trees.

Where Lights Sparkle in dark places and lead the way —

Where Horses carry Humans

into Endless Horizons and

Mythical Forests . . .

Anna's Tree, Pinos

Gateway to Other Worlds . . .

Not just “riding on a horse” —

No, not that at all . . .

Dream-Making at its finest. Purest.

Co-Creation. Co-Operation.

The Ultimate Unity — the Ultimate Expression of Love.

So, Ride on, Ladies and Gentlemen . . .

Ride on! LOVE on!

Mentor Looking

Fulfilling our Childhood Dreams :)) :))


Ella at Fuji's -- Dreaming

Please also visit my Life Blog, Journal of Dawn ,

for Strategies and Insights into the

Journey of Life


Fae, Rick, Pinos

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Copyright 2017

Photos: DawnHoof (Dawn Jenkins)



October 10, 2017 · 9:20 am

23 responses to “Horse & Human ~ Ultimate Unity

  1. “Endless horizons and mystical forests” Yes! As two become one in a magical mystery ride.

  2. Can’t wait to embrace the MAGIC you have created, nurtured and reflect.

  3. I have come such a long way with my fear of horses and love them dearly. They really are one with the rider and my goal is to actually pet one on its nose this year. I know that sounds silly to you, but fear is real and what seems like baby steps are hurdles for others. Love the photos too Dawn.

    • I understand the fear — we all have it about something! The best thing I can say is to keep breathing when you feel yourself afraid, especially around horses. (They read our body language, and when we stop breathing and get uptight, they wonder, “What’s up with this strange human?”) And please don’t attempt anything without a sensitive and knowledgeable “horse guide” with you — someone who can be there and lead you, safely, through the process. Because not all horses are “good horses”, and not all horse situations go well. (And their least favorite place to be pet is, frankly, on the nose. Better to stand by their side and scratch the neck, by the mane, like they do to each other. Then they might offer you access to their nose and face.) I wish you were close by — I would be your guide :)) :))

  4. ooooo Hi Dawn! Do you know who this is? Runaway Rebel and Kwala forever! Inksiotty!!!! I just couldn’t resist. Now for a more serious comment: To see how you progressed from the girl who threw herself into riding after losing your father-to the woman who understands what it is to be a horse, and to be so close to a horse, is truly amazing. When I ready your posts and look at your photographs I feel like I’m either in your soul or in your heart-directly in the place you hold your love for horses. It is a very powerful thing. You are the only one I know who respects and holds them in their own place of power. What a cherished place that is to “be”. So much more to say but it is the middle of the night. I do have something to tell you or ask you…not here. I am concerned because of the fires. Where are you and your horses? Are you all right? That is the most important thing. I’m so proud of your work! You’ve Done such a beautiful job with this gift of a site. It is great! The photos, poems, advice, stories….go Dawn! Do you know that my dad always corrected me for how I pronounced your name? I still hear his voice every time I hear your name in my head! 🙂 Peace and Love, RB…inksiotty

    • ReeeRuuuh!!!! What a great treat to hear from you :)) :)) We are watching the big billowing fire head burn between here and Ojai, about 18 air miles away. So far so good for us, no real smoke as the wind blows it away for now — all here praying for all of us and those in the active areas of the fire . . . So great to hear your praises, Riki :)) :)) Thank you for taking the time to read about Rebel and my current herd :)) :)) You are one of the few witnesses to my wild horse youth!!! :)) :)) Talk soon :)) :)) Inksiotty!!!!!

  5. JF

    Wonderful photos and writing!

  6. NorCal Zen

    YES! This is how it should be! I’m so happy to have found your beautiful blog. Thank you for showing the way.

  7. It has been a long time since my teenage riding years, but unfortunately, I never reached this level of unity and oneness with my mount. I might have been too immature then. I still love horses, but I would have to reshuffle my life in order to get back to riding. I am glad you still do.
    Best wishes,

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