Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier/Natural HoofCare

aka: DawnHoof  :))


(661) 703-6283

Since I travel frequently, kindly call rather than email…

(some emails don’t seem to find me :))

Dawn with Majesty.

Dawn and Aria

Dawn with Aria 3rd Generation HomeBred Mare


Please visit my Life Blog, Journal of Dawn ,

for Strategies and Insights into the

Journey of Life

Self-shadow shot


Copyright 2013, 2018

Photos of Dawn and Aria — courtesy of B. Moulin :))


2 responses to “Contact:

  1. Margery

    Love it! You just lit my fire! Hope to see you soon. Islands are beautiful right now. Can you come play have a play day. I could sure use one myself. Pet Laddie for me.

    • Been thinking of you, Margery :)) I LOVE my business card you helped me with!!! Laddie is currently in carriage training in Chattsworth :)) :)) and we are driving Starboy in our newly refurbished oak Meadowbrook, Amish-made carriage!!! Just got the horses out and going for the season . . . let’s set a date to ride Pinos in June or July when the flowers there are at their peak! Will let you know when I get to Ojai or the Coast :)) Dawn

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