Soul Horse Rides

         Take a Ride Inside…

“Have you ever dreamed of horseback riding on the beach or in the mountains? Are you a Horse-Enthusiast waiting to happen? I’ve got the horses — Let’s Ride!” – Dawn

Dawn and Laddie, fall ride in the woods..Dawn and Laddie, fall ride in the woods.

Ready for a life-changing transformation? Don’t know where or how to start?

Ride along with me and my four generations of home-bred Arabian-cross horses on a custom, personalized SoulHorseRide.

A SoulHorseRide is not just a ride on a horse. A SoulHorseRide utilizes Horses and Nature and Wild-land Trails to open a window into the realm of the Divine. It’s a healing place. An inspirational space. Capable of changing lives. . .

Anna jumping Fae.Anna and Fae jumping – just for fun.

Soul Horse Rides:

* Enable transformation in areas of business, family, and life where you may currently feel stuck.

* Allow you to break out of your preconceived confines and reach for higher insights, higher goals.

* Work as a catalyst to jumpstart your creative process – to re-awaken your relationship with life – to activate and liberate your soul!

* Overcome anxiety, stalemates, and fears.

* Foster greater understanding between human and horse – greater awareness of the Natural world.

Dawn with Majesty.

Dawn with Majesty.

Southern California Location:

We are located in the Gateway to Southern California – the Frazier Mountain area of the Los Padres National Forest, just one hour North of Greater LA – 85 miles North of LAX.

Bed and Breakfast services available. “Haul-to” rides possible – Malibu, Ojai area.

Your journey awaits you — Pony Up!

Call for details:  Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier

(661) 703-6283  

Rick on Fae, with Orbs, Pinos


Please come over to Dawn’s Life blog — Journal of Dawn — for Strategies and Insights into the Journey of Life from the vantage point of a Lady Farrier.

Cloud Ball Bogenvillia


Copyright 2013, 2018

Dawn and Laddie photo courtesy of A. Fulcher

34 responses to “Soul Horse Rides

  1. How far are you from San Francisco?

  2. Oh how I wish I could come join you for some Soul rides

  3. Liz

    Dear Dawn, thanks so much for stopping by and liking my blog!
    your blog is beautiful and I’ve enjoyed reading it. You really understand the mystical aspects of the horse/human connection.
    Ride on!

    • Thanks, Liz — and I’ve enjoyed finding your blog and sharing your life journey. Nice to go to the deeper levels — why not? The journey seems long, but in fact, is quite short. We are given horses Nature and pen and ink (now blogwaves) to express ourselves. How awesome is that!!!

      And yes, RIDE! All of us who have been blessed, all of us who can, Ride on! : ~ ))

  4. I Was wondering Dawn do you ride Australian,English,or Western?

    • We ride mostly Western Aussie saddles from my friend Collin at The Australian Stock Saddle Company, Malibu: ; Liverpool carriage driving bits (straight bar snaffle with mild to moderate settings); neck rein, direct rein, loose rein — pretty much an endurance-style mish-mash of whatever seems to work. It’s all about the FUN (both for us, and the horses) 🙂

  5. Linnea Kathryn Barnes

    The ride sounds great….. I will be in Los Angeles in July and this is something that I would enjoy. I’ll call you when I’m there and maybe it will work out. How long does the ride last?

    • Awesome! Let me know your dates, as I work out of town for two weeks (out of every six weeks). The ride itself is about two hours, but we will need time for hauling, saddling, snacking and enjoying the view . . . plan on about five hours. It will blow your mind! :))

      661 703-6283

  6. Linnea Kathryn Barnes

    .. I’m in LA from July 1-11 but have a ton to do and am free …… July 7, 9, and 10th….. I now live in France —-I’ll try and call in the next day or two.

    • Yes – that should work out! I’m in California then :)) I get home from this trip on the 23rd of June. Better to talk after I’m home . . . Looking forward to meeting you!

      I like to combine the horse ride with a Life Coaching exercise I’ve used with many people. It’s a right-brain, Mind Map exercise used to focus and get clear on a certain area of your life — work, financial, personal, whatever . . . That way the horse ride brings clarity to what you’re working on in life. Very powerful!

      So think about that . . .

  7. Linnea Kathryn Barnes

    I’ll call after the 26th…. looking forward to the experience.

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  17. NorCal Zen

    I’d love to go one day! I’m about 7 hours away, but who knows?

  18. Gayle McNeir

    Hi Dawn I live in Frazier Park area and would like to go for a ride tomorrow Saturday 8/18.. Can you please let me know if that’s possible. Its just me who wants to go for a ride. Thank you!

  19. Marilyn Robles

    Hello Dawn!
    I live in Lebec and was wondering if there is a ride available this Saturday, January 4th… Thanks!

    • Thank you, Marilyn :)) Unfortunately with the snow, mud and ice, we are unable to ride this time of year. We usually start back up around Easter and continue until the snows begin, usually late Nov. or early Dec. — please check back when the weather improves :)) Dawn (661) 703-6283

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