What is a Ride?

Heavenly Synchronicity — found this sweet poetic duo in my Journal, dated exactly twelve years ago today! It captures the feel of my wonderful horses, my wonderful rides. Sharing it with you here, winter time, when riding seems far away . . .


What is a Ride?




Thundering Hooves



Spirits soar




Metronomed Motion


Comes alive

Craving more




Bounding o’er fallen logs

Swift-flying —


Branches in our path —




Surging Slalom,


Life’s doldrums

Into absolute blast!




Discreetly perceived,



Melding ease




Powerful, Pure



Mutual rapport


Surging Light


I hop into my saddle

And sail off into the forest

On my Rocking Horse Canter,

Feeling my body roll


In harmony with the

Hypnotic motion of my

Pony’s impassioned gallop,

Energized! Alive!


Glassy, Glossy, Silken, Grand,

I flow in his movement and

Meld onto his back like a custom-made

Glove on a hand —


A perfect fit with perfect Tempo

Gaining momentum as we pulse

Over crests and troughs

In our fickle path.


Waves and Currents steer our course

Whim and Fancy spur us on

Our forward-flowing liquid journey

We continue thundering strong.


Smells of fragrant vanilla pine bark

Meet my senses, tearing eyes.

Dodging branches, ducking, dipping

Labyrinth obstacles, all in stride.


In these woods the Spirit overflows,

Transforms my steed

Into a magical fantasy of

Power-driven speed . . .


Here are found my favorite day-dreams,

Releasing me from traffic, work or strife

This my treasured time of solace

With my Pony, surging light.


Life is a Journey


Copyright 2002, 2014


February 25, 2014 · 12:53 am

6 responses to “What is a Ride?

  1. I’m riding along with you. Glorious trip aboard my dream horse, borne on the wings of your words.

    • :)) :)) :)) Bravo! I’m glad you’re able to RIDE again!!! The energy is all there, from every ride we’ve ever shared with our magical Pegasus ponies! We can re-connect any time we wish! That’s the wonder, the mystery of this vast inter-species, inter-energetic matrix called Nature and Horses and Life! And thanks for your lovely words!!!

  2. So sweet! Thank you for sharing these beautiful poems! We have an indoor arena, so I have been able to ride through the winter, but it’s not the same as being outside. My mare and I can’t wait to get out again, into the fields, the forest, onto the beach and into the water! =)

  3. Bari Moulin--SLV****

    Have not been on email much…just found this! Wonderful…almost as refreshing as a ride!!! 🙂

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