When You Wish Upon a Horse

I dedicate this piece to Kathy — she told me today, she’s saving to buy her first horse. :)) Kathy, your horse awaits you. Dream on!


When You Wish Upon a Horse

She who awaits the perfect horse,

Knows it’s a matter of time, of course —

All life begins with desire,

Working strange Magic to set Souls on fire.


Your horse exists now, as surely you do —

It’s just a matter of time before your Dream will come true.

Hold onto your passion, look up to the stars,

Dream your horse Dreams, it’s really not far.


Horses have powers much bigger than you,

They knock on the heartstrings of only a few.


It’s hard to conceive, but believe me in this —

The horse will be yours when your Spirit persists

In holding your Dream with all that you’ve got,

When your love for horses is a true love so hot


That nothing will chill it — not let-downs or doubt —

Your horse is good as yours, and will truly come about.

So talk to your horse — as he already exists

There is a strange, wonderful power in this.


Pray and let Heaven take over the task —

It may take some time — but you’ll find her at last.


Then comes the real task, the learning to speak

The language of horses, the strong verses meek.

Read all that you can to prepare for the day

When you add to your budget the expense of the hay.


Learn all about horses while you now have the time.

And rejoice in the friendship you surely will find.

For Life has its challenges, the good and the bad,

Yet your horse will help you through sweet times and sad.


As Creatures of Magic — truly you’ll see —

Your horse will help mold you into what you will be!



Horse Shoes (Moloka'i)


Copyright 2001, 2014





April 30, 2014 · 10:59 pm

13 responses to “When You Wish Upon a Horse

  1. Sweet encouragement for a young lady- in -waiting for her dream horse to come true, Dawn. I would love to be able to see her face when she finds him or her and to watch the love develop between them. It is such a special relationship as you and I know, one to be treasured for life.
    Hope to see you next time you’re in my neck of the woods. Take care and I send you many, many blessings.

    • Thank you, Patricia — blessings received :)) (and appreciated!) Aloha!

      Yes, it was there, already, today — brightness in her face (I’ve known her for several years now) — Kathy, today was so different. Brightness shining from her eyes, voice, expression.

      What changed? She decided to look for her own horse, though she’s shared and been a part of the life and love of a wonderful horse for many years, helping his owner. Not the same, though, when it’s not your own.

      I told her that I’d written a piece about finding your horse, and that I’d post it. And I reminded her that her horse exists — now — and that she can talk to her horse, love her horse, and beam him/her in. She loved hearing that!

      Didn’t we do that in our own way to manifest our horses? All our love that we poured out during our childhood Dreams and fantasies. The toys, the calendars, the posters, the daydreams — all horse. And now, so many years later, completely realized.

      It truly is Magic, indeed!

      • Yes, it is sending it out there to the universe and waiting for the manifestation. I think you’re right about our childhood fantasies. I was lucky enough to live on a ranch when I was nine years old and have two of my own horses to ride.I collected horse statues for years, used Blue Grass cologne, cut out horse pictures, the works.

        • :)) Awesome! You qualify as a true Horse Girl!!! :))
          I collected 34 Breyer horse models as a kid — my entire inner and outer world, colored in Horse.

          I remember my favorite calendar photo, April 1967, a gray Arabian looking up, ears perked, little black show halter, against a blue sky. I named her April Blue Sky — and I dreamed of Arabians ever since. (Fantasy fulfilled in the late 1990s by a lovely gray Arabian mare, Lacey. We had many wonderful years with her!)

          I also remember one day looking at a foal in a calendar shot, thinking: “I want to raise a baby horse!” I was in my early teens, and I sent lots of energy into the prospect. “Yes. That’s what I’ll do some day!”

          So when my Arabian stallion, Mentor, was born — this began my own Breyer herd. To date I’ve raised ten foals! Mixing Appy with Arab with Shire — four generations of colorful combinations.

          WOW! This stuff is exciting!!! It’s a great reminder of how we manifest what we want. By loving, energizing, thinking about and talking to what we want — knowing that someday we will have it — literally beaming it into reality. It truly works! :))

        • What a joy! Sometimes, when I send it off into the blue, and the answer is “no,” I realize that something else or someone else needs my attention and energy, that I’m not directing the show.
          I love the stories about your beautiful horses, Dawn. They are blessed having you.

        • :)) Big smiles and hugs and aloha! :))

  2. JF

    Hi, Dawn. I need a very good horse today! Please pray for me!

    • Hey JF ~ sorry for the slow reply, but I seem to have missed this comment of yours while away, in Hawaii, busting my backside, again :))

      As you know, good horses are hard to come by. What’s up in your Life? Real horse, or fantasized? Both can be a great ride, you know. And revitalizing!

      Take care ~ Dawn

      • JF

        Hi, Dawn.
        I am coming to 80 this month but in two days I’ll have a surgery. Hopefully, it will be fully successful.
        Best to you!

        • Oh, you move to the top of my prayer list, JF!

          Remember, your Creator knows your innermost workings. He knows the doctors and nurses and those who will be attending to you. He knows your heart, knows how much you always try to make right any shaky situation in life. Yes, we all make mistakes — we’re human. He knows all our foibles. But when He Created us, He hoped we would stop, take stock of the situation, and do our Best. Choose the High Road. And apologize when we blow it, dust ourselves off, and try all over again. I know you win at this one!

          So rest assured in the arms of your Maker. He has a grand plan for your Life, and He’s pleased with your seeking, your growing, talking, sharing. You always reach out to others, JF — that’s just what He wants from you. He shall see you through this surgery, this trial, as He has all the other trials of your beautiful, rich Life.

          I’ve heard that this Life of ours, this world we live, in is really a Hologram — an expression of LIGHT! That’s why prayer works, Love works. Because all this material world is Light, not solid matter. And we can influence Light! We are made of Light. Isn’t that beautiful!

          So smile. Breathe. Bless the doctors. Kiss your family. Love your Life. And allow Goodness to penetrate your body with Healing and Love!!!

          Your friend, Dawn

        • JF

          Thank you, Dawn! I’ll do everything you prescribed. It’s in my character. Best to you!

        • Yes! You got it — that’s GREAT! :)) See your outcome, feel and talk to your “horse” — LOVE your Life!!! :)) It works!

  3. Praying for you tonight, JF :)) God is GOOD!

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